Joey Alison Sayers! on Please Hang Out With Me, Episode 1

I think it goes for a lot of things, not just being trans. But really, just finding your authentic self, and letting you live an authentic life, allows you to make better and more authentic decisions in other areas of your life.

Cartoonist-slash-librarian-slash-mom Joey Alison Sayers graces the inaugural episode of PHOWM with her delightful presence!

When I asked Joey to be the very first guest on my new interview show, she immediately replied with “I’d love to!” (And then a few moments later followed up with ‘wait, who is this for?’ Well Joey it’s just for meeee)
The point is that Joey is one of the most generous people I know, with her time and her talents and her wonderful brain. I love this part from our interview where she talks about how being honest with herself about her gender (after decades of avoidance) is what let her be honest with herself about wanting kids. That’s some good-ass advice! Thank you Joey!

Topics in this episode include: Joey’s new role as the writer of 80-something-year-old newspaper comic Alley Oop; Nancy artist Olivia Jaimes’ true identity and the fact that neither of us know it; coming out as trans and coming out as an artist both in the service of being a good mom; and whether or not the baby should be allowed to bite an easel.

Please Hang Out With Me: A Show About Constraints is a talk show where Channing Kennedy tries to have smart conversations with people he respects while simultaneously trying to manage a baby.

cover art by Carta Monir
opening theme is ‘elaine’ by kendall :3
Season One underwritten by Art/Work Practice, LLC
PHOWM on Instagram @pleasehangoutwithme
Channing on Twitter @ckdotbiz

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