Tessa Brunton! on Please Hang Out With Me, Episode 4

Cartoonist, memoirist, and incorrigible schemer Tessa Brunton stops by the show, hooray! She discusses being an artist whose practice requires solitude while living with a chronic illness that forces her into solitude against her will, and the full-time job of having to become your own doctor when the medical-industrial complex can’t be trusted (and neither can the people on the alternative medicine messageboards).

Like I say in the interview, Tessa’s work forced me to rethink my ideas about what ‘bravery’ looks like (in comics, but also in participating in society in general) and I’m so glad to have her as a guest on this extremely silly talk show. Speaking of which, this is a somewhat heavy interview, so the baby stepped up the hijinks. Thanks, baby!

Read Tessa’s work at tessabrunton.com

Please Hang Out With Me: A Show About Constraints is a talk show where Channing Kennedy tries to have smart conversations with people he respects while simultaneously trying to manage a baby.

cover art by Carta Monir
opening theme is ‘elaine’ by kendall :3
Season One underwritten by Art/Work Practice, LLC
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