Cyrus Yoshi Tabar! on Please Hang Out With Me, Episode 5

Bay Area filmmaker, musician, and all-around art dad Cyrus Yoshi Tabar stops by the glamorous and palatial PHOWM studios! Topics of discussion include: making a documentary about your family secrets, and making the decision to stop making a documentary about your family secrets; finding the tools in your art practice to find yourself; saving your kids from racist predators by teaching them about their own families, connecting to your Japanese and Iranian identities through food when connecting through family isn’t an option. What a treat! Thanks Cyrus!

Please Hang Out With Me: A Show About Constraints is a talk show where Channing Kennedy tries to have smart conversations with people he respects while simultaneously trying to manage a baby.

cover art by Carta Monir
opening theme is ‘elaine’ by kendall :3
Season One underwritten by Art/Work Practice, LLC
PHOWM on Instagram @pleasehangoutwithme
Channing on Twitter @ckdotbiz

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