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Preschool storytime videos at Good Morning Mr. Channing — Youtube channel for preschool storytime videos, picture book read-alouds and songs, started in my living room while my storytime kids and I were all on quarantine. Specific playlists for books by authors of color, books with Black main characters, and books that address more serious issues. As of this writing, I’ve posted 52 storytime videos! That’s a whole year’s worth of weekly storytimes! So I’m taking a break while I work on something new.

Good Morning Mr. Channing on Instagram — same as the above, but I know more people check Instagram daily.

I wrote and drew a coloring book! Yonth & Ed in: Grocery Switch is free to download and print, and is inspired by a talk that my friend Gary gave about community organizing being about ‘getting neighbors to come together, which sounds easy until you think about how you really feel about your neighbors.’ If you’d like to toss me a couple bucks for it, you can do it through the book’s itch.io page. More importantly, if you do some coloring you think I should see, please send me a photo!

Video: Q&A with me on ALL IN TV, about racial equity and access in both zine fests and in literacy outreach programs for kids. Broadcast on SF Commons TV as part of San Francisco Zine Fest. More info here.

Video: Q&A with me on Colored Criticism, about preschool storytime, racial justice, and rethinking how we teach kids about how to value their own stories.

The first-ever Mr. Channing’s Storytime Fund Drive was a huge success— we raised $3250.50 (a bit more than my goal of $1000, lol) and were able to feed 300 of our neighbors at St. James Infirmary and East Oakland Collective, with enough left over to tip for the staff at Café Gabriela!

Thanks to everyone who pitched in on my birthday to raise $300 for the Fill Hotels Not Graves fundraiser, benefiting our unhoused neighbors here in Oakland. There is still time to donate!

Free printable “We All Matter” coloring pages from a forthcoming project with Oakland-based illustrator Nicky Rodriguez.

I made a free printable one-page zine with some of my favorite preschool storytime books by authors of color (plus a few of my thoughts about what makes a good storytime book).

My 2019 Youtube show Please Hang Out With Me, i.e. me trying to interview artists on camera while also holding a baby

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Cyrus Yoshi Tabar! on Please Hang Out With Me, Episode 5

Bay Area filmmaker, musician, and all-around art dad Cyrus Yoshi Tabar stops by the glamorous and palatial PHOWM studios! Topics of discussion include: making a documentary about your family secrets, and making the decision to stop making a documentary about your family secrets; finding the tools in your art practice to find yourself; saving your kids from racist predators by teaching them about their own families, connecting to your Japanese and Iranian identities through food when connecting through family isn’t an option. What a treat! Thanks Cyrus!

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Tessa Brunton! on Please Hang Out With Me, Episode 4

Cartoonist, memoirist, and incorrigible schemer Tessa Brunton stops by the show, hooray! She discusses being an artist whose practice requires solitude while living with a chronic illness that forces her into solitude against her will, and the full-time job of having to become your own doctor when the medical-industrial complex can’t be trusted (and neither can the people on the alternative medicine messageboards).

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New zine: “Five Great Preschool Storytime Books By Authors of Color”

Hi! Here’s a single-sheet zine I made back in September to give away at San Francisco Zine Fest 2019, titled FIVE GREAT STORYTIME BOOKS BY AUTHORS OF COLOR. At the link below, you can download a PDF of it which you can then print, fold, and add to your own zine library; repeat as often as you like. (Or you can just read the whole thing by looking at the photos. It’s short!)

Despite being involved with San Francisco Zine Fest and the DIY arts scene for many years, I’ve only ever actually made a couple of zines — usually one per year, the night before the fest, pulling from my screenshots folder in some way — so this is a departure from my usual steez in that it it’s intended to be useful to others! (I did still make it the night before the fest tho. A method is a method)

(Embed is showing up weird in some browsers so here’s a link)

I made this in part because I pride myself, as a preschool storytime volunteer with a background in racial equity in the arts, as presenting POC-centered stories to my kids — but when I started looking at my favorite books more closely, I found that my carefully curated collection was still mostly white authors. So this zine represents my ongoing efforts to do the best I can by my kids. If you’re a fellow storytime reader looking to bring more #ownstories into your rotation, or if you just have some young kids in your life that you care about, I hope this will be a help to you!

Jamica El! on Please Hang Out With Me, Episode 3

“For me, for a long time, I didn’t see myself as a parent. Then, when I became pregnant with my son, I was like, ‘I don’t feel like I’m ready, but I do know that I really love my partner and that we’ve nurtured our relationship for a long time.’ That became, for me, the bottom line: I don’t know if it’s the right time or anything else, but I do know that my son is a product of love, and that’s something that I’ll always want him to know.”

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Anand Vedawala! on Please Hang Out With Me, Episode 2

“I went into engineering because there was that expectation of becoming a doctor or an engineer, and I thought, ‘I can’t be a doctor! I would feel horrible if I killed someone — directly!’ Engineering, bad design, indirectly killing someone? I didn’t feel so bad about that. I didn’t! I didn’t. But.”

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Joey Alison Sayers! on Please Hang Out With Me, Episode 1

I think it goes for a lot of things, not just being trans. But really, just finding your authentic self, and letting you live an authentic life, allows you to make better and more authentic decisions in other areas of your life.

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